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Friday, March 25, 2011

#7- Take Engagement Pictures in Europe

"Dove è la migliore pizza e pasta?"
Even though I am beyond excited that we are fulfilling our dream of taking engagement pictures in our favorite cities in Europe, I am primarily concerned about how much time will I be allowed by our photographer to eat at our favorite restaurants and whether I can pull off some outfits with elastic bands. :P  Or would it be possible to bring back some tiramisu in my luggage?... Ok, I digress. Perhaps I will go into the foodie part of the trip in an upcoming blog. :)

What enticed us to fly a photographer into three cities in Europe, spend thousands on airline tickets/hotels/trains, plan an itinerary with multiple wardrobe and location changes, and do it all within four days in three foreign countries? As we discussed the theme of our wedding, we knew that the one thing that we love doing together is traveling. However, the "travel" theme for a wedding has been done so many times in different ways so we wanted to make it very unique and thoughtful. So we figured that we would take our favorite cities to our wedding and guests. The best way to do that would be through a journey... a journey of pictures so that our guests would feel that they could travel with us (you'll have to wait to see the invites!). Therefore, our itinerary for April spring break is the following:




Since we've spent a good amount of time in each city, we hope to leverage our knowledge of them to manage our time well and to hit all the good picture-taking locations. Any suggestions? Or more importantly, food recommendations?

And to my parents who will also be doing their European vacation soon, big hugs and "Happy Birthday" to my very young and handsome papa! ;) Love you!


  1. Maybe photos in front of that wall full of words in la Sagrada Familia? Oooh la la cannot wait to see these pictures! Have an amazing trip!

  2. thanks celine! ramon was recommending that spot too. the door of different languages definitely goes with our travel theme. :)