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Thursday, February 2, 2012

#12 Marry My Best Friend -- CHECK!!!! YAY! :)

I know I'm breaking some blogger-rule about finishing my other posts before I post the blog FINALE of my 12 Before 2012 list, but I can't wait to share pictures! =) So I will just have to update my other activities after this one little post...

Over the days following our wedding, people always ask me if I feel different after getting married. Honestly, it does. There is this profound feeling that you have someone that will love you unconditionally for the rest of your life, which made me kinder, more considerate, and more loving than before. Not that I wasn’t like that before we were married, but now I realize that we probably hug each other just a little big longer, appreciate the “I love yous” a bit more, and ask each other more frequently about how we feel about things or talk mutually about making decisions.

 When I first wrote up my list of 12 things, I felt a bit corny to write “Marry my best friend.” I mean, come on! Doesn’t everyone say that they marry their best friend? Lest be scorned by judging audiences that their marriage won’t work. However, over the year, I contemplated the definition of “best friend” and realized that “marrying my best friend” didn’t really work for me. Best friends are there through good and bad times, you can talk to them about anything and get an honest answer, can call whenever you need a laugh or someone to watch a movie with. Luckily, Mr. Suit definitely encompasses all those things, but he is actually much, much more. I’ve learned that he’s someone I want to have children with and call my family, someone to grow old and spend every morning waking up to, and someone who my life would not be complete without. He’s the love of my life and my soul mate. And that’s who I married and made an eternal vow with.

I love you, Mr. Suit. You’re more than my best friend. You’re my husband. And I’m so blessed to spend my life with you.

The beautiful same day edit by Jason Magbanua (showed at the end of the reception!)

Official photos by Metrophoto

Our amazing photographer, Oly Ruiz (Metrophoto) and videographer Jason Magbanua

Upcoming blog... the intricate details of our wedding (from the ceiling drapery, The Great Gatsby ring book, to my wedding purse!)...