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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

#2: Plan Wedding- My Wedding in a Week

6am- Alarm buzzes and groggily trudge out of bed
7am- Leave early to try and avoid Manila traffic
9am- Meet with minister and church officials to arrange ceremony details
11:30am- Early lunch with my family
1pm- Meet with wedding coordinator
2pm- Meet with Event stylist for venue conceptualization (flowers and decorations to the non-“wedding language” speaker)
3:30pm- Cake tasting
4:30pm- Meet with photographer
5:30pm- Meet with conductor of Manila Philharmonic
7:30pm- Dinner with the soon-to-be-in-laws
9:30pm- Hang out with Manila friends/family or get massage (decision depends on how much energy is left at the end of the day)


That has been our life for the past four days here in Manila.  Swap out a couple different vendors each day and multiply the number of vendors by two or three (since we want to meet with several before making a decision), and you basically have our schedule for the week. Our goal was to meet and book all the major vendors early since Dec/Jan is peak wedding season in the Philippines. I do have to say that it’s quite overwhelming and not exactly our idea of our first trip to the Philippines together (and the fiance’s first in five years!), but it has definitely been an interesting trip so far!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been extremely fulfilling and very productive, but wow… squeezing a year’s worth of planning into a week is extremely exhausting.  There must definitely be some venting site out on the internet for destination wedding brides. :P Regardless of all the sleep deprivation and close to fatal exhaustion, we’re totally getting excited about seeing our dream wedding come into fruition. That is the one thing that keeps us going. Well… that and the $10 massages. J

Below is our "Mood Board" for the vibe of the wedding. What do you think? 

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